About us


  The CIT system combines smart software and diagnostic equipments to deliver alerts of faults as they as occur for effective predict maintenance. Communicating with the maintenance staff in real-time, it allows for efficient fault diagnostics and work scheduling by the maintenance team. Furthermore, by analyzing irregularities of individual components and their behaviors across the entire signaling and power-supply system, it allows maintenance actions to be performed to avoid future failures. 


Our company is glad to offer you a full variety of implementation of control facilities of work of railroad infrastructure system in a real-time mode. This will allow you to increase the level of safety of technique, to optimize the operating and investment costs, reduce the number of cases of industrial injuries and to make a step to the new level of maintaining equipment at the railway transport.

We use unique program and instrument inventions and have long lasting business practices with Russian and foreign manufacturers and divisions of railroad communication.

    Results after putting our systems into exploitation:

  • Reduction of number of failures and speed of restoring to working conditions of technique, as a result - reduction of delays of trains.
  • Switch to servicing according to the factual state, as a result - reduction of operating costs.
  • Effective control of engineering and security systems of buildings and fire-extinguishing equipment.
  • Automated systems of informing the passengers at the railway stations and platforms.
  • Real investing in the infrastructure refreshment.
  • Increasing of technical discipline of staff by controlling the performance of maintenance.